Part 1 - Administration

Part 2 - Scoring

The AIMS Training DVD is the only complete training video resource for medical staff and educators of it’s kind.

 It is in use in thousands of schools and institutions across the US and has been for over 20 years. 

Although often imitated, The AIMS Training DVD is unique because it uses ACTUAL patients with a broad range of neurological disorders on the ratings scale. There is no other visual reffernce as accurate as the AIMS Training DVD - all others use actors. 

The AIMS Training DVD demonstrates in clinical and expert detail: 

How to administer the AIMS exam in

Part One - Administration

How to score the entire range of abnormal involuntary movements in

Part Two - Scoring

How to Evaluate the results of the AIMS Exam in

Part Three - Evaluation

(Click on parts 1 or 2 for larger video clips.)

The AIMS Training DVD uses only actual patients showing the entire range of abnormal  involuntary movements associated conditions such as tardive dyskinesia.

The AIMS Training DVD was written and designed by a PHD holding member of the American Geriatrics Society. It's scoring was confirmed and evaluated by a panel of experts. 

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