Q: Once I order, how long will it take to get my AIMS Training DVD?

A: Orders are normally shipped on the same business day. Depending on customs (for orders outside the US) shipping normally takes 6 to 10 business days. 

Q: Can you guarantee delivery by a specific date, I have a training coming up?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot. We only use one type of postal service, so please only schedule your training once your AIMS training has arrived. Be sure to play the AIMS Training DVD on the DVD player or computer you will use at the training itself before your training - to insure your presentation proceeds without problems. 

Q: Can you provide a tracking number for our purchase?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we cannot. The AIMS Training DVD is being shipped from outside the US and tracked shipment is prohibitively expensive. Be assured that, any lost orders are immediately reposted to the mail. 

Q: I need to show the AIMS Training DVD during a limited time period. How long is it?

A: Total running time is 42 minutes. But it is divided into 3 parts, the 1st part (Administration) and 2nd part (Scoring) are 15 minutes each. The final part consists of legal information and many find it does not need to be shown. 

Q: I would like to send you a purchase order from outside the US. Why can't I do that?

A: It's difficult to convert checks in denominations not in US currency. Please order with the Credit Card/PayPal option unless you can pay in US dollars. 

Q: We use the DISCUS system at our facility. Can we substitute the AIMS Training DVD for the DISCUS?

A: The DISCUS Exam is simply another system of scoring the same abnormal range of body movements. The AIMS Training DVD shows the student or staffer those movements in detail. While not an exact substitute for the DISCUS training, the AIMS DVD can be used in conjunction with the DISCUS. 

Q: Where can I find the score sheet shown on the AIMS Training DVD? 

A: The score sheet is included as a pdf data file on the DVD. You can also find a form by clicking on THIS LINK. The score sheet is also included in a PDF data file on the AIMS Training DVD. 

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