AIMS Purchase Orders


We accept purchase orders with the following instructions:


1. Your purchase order must be on institutional letterhead or an institutional form.

2. Your purchase order must have an authorizing signature.

3. Your purchase order must have contact information as both an email address and an institutional phone number which can be verified. 

4. Once your have prepared the purchase order, please e-mail it to as an attachment. 

The line item information for your PO is as follows:

AIMS Training DVD @ $140.00

Shipping & Handling @ $10

Total Price $150.00

Purchase Orders from from private individuals are not accepted. Purchase orders for addresses outside the US are not accepted. For your accounting records only, use the mailing address at the bottom of the page. For additional accounting information, contact us directly. Do not mail your order to the address below - this will delay your order


1711 East Alder Street

Seattle, Washington, 98122

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed.


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